48 Hour Film Project Denver 2016

This past Summer, my film friends and I decided to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project.


Website Link:   48 Hour Film Project

This film festival rolls from town to town challenging the film community to create professional work in a 48 hour window without any preproduction. This past July it came to Denver.

The 48 Hour Film Project has certain rules when it comes to participation and filming. This time round each film needed to include:

  1. Main character (Malik or Malika Simmons)
  2. Necessary occupation – architect
  3. Necessary prop – Lollipop
  4. Necessary line of dialog – “You’ve got something on your shirt.”
  5. GENRE – make a film with the genre YOU have chosen.

OUR GENREA WAS – SILENT FILM! I had a great time writing and assistant directing on this short film. Yes, there was a lack of sleep, but the creativity and adrenaline from the ticking clock made the weekend fly by. I hope you enjoy all of our hard work.

Girl- Hannah Nguyen
Malik Simmons – Beau Scott

Producer & Director – Kathleen Blind
Assistant Director – Grant Worden
Written by – Grant Worden & Kathleen Blind
Executive Producer- Jason DeWitt
Art Director – Hannah Nguyen
Lead Editor – Austin Brose
Camera Operative – Aaron Achuleta

The “Best of” showing for the 48 Hour Film Project will be  THURS, SEPT 15TH – 6:30PM – ESQUIRE THEATRE


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