Seattle Space Needle Fireworks NYE 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy new year, indeed.

2016, what a year… I think a lot of individuals said 2016 was going to be “the year,” “their year!” But, the reality has become, not many ,if any, are considering 2016 to be a “WINNING” year.

My intentions are not to create a political soap box or make everyone sad, but to simply nudge us towards brushing off our shoulders and getting back up again.

Resolutions are counter fit until put into action, one of my goals includes sharing more of my creative ventures. So here goes, starting the new year off with a semi interesting post… kinda?


I was fortunate enough to spend New Year’s Eve in Seattle, Wa. Please enjoy two videos from the Seattle Space Needle Firework show this New Years Eve 2016. This is my second time viewing the show from the harbor. Respect to the citizens of Seattle, you know fireworks!

First the entire firework show in Real Time.


    **And another BUT SPED UP x6**


Happy 2017!




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