Art Work

These are all originals done by me and some of my absolute favorites. I like to work with all different types of materials and in all different types of mediums. I mostly deal with acrylic paints, pencil, ink and charcoal and also design software like Photoshop & Indesign.

I do love all types of art and try to do my best , but finding the time to complete these pieces can be difficult. I try and keep up with my art work, but it is more of an “in the moment” type of hobby. When I get a cool idea in my head – I try to decided the medium it would be best presented through.

Thank you for your comments, hope you enjoy my work. If you see anything in particular that you like please contact me for a price or possibly a personalize piece.


One thing i enjoy doing with my designs is pairing two images with a short saying. The images below with the dog and the mountain background, is the my dog Topaz (Shiba Inu) and the background is a photograph I took when hiking Glacier National Park, Montana. I like putting Topaz in nature and making saying that go with the tone of the image.

Topaz (My Shiba Inu):

Design with sayings:


Various Characters: Tom Tom the guitar playing moose and others.


Dino Guy: a brontosaurus that wears a forward or backwards snap-back hat. I like spray painting and painting him in obscure ways with unique patterns.


Self Portraits: 

Topaz (My Shy Shiba) / Animals:

Trees / Landscapes:

The best way to see my newest doodle or design is through

Twitter  & Instagram.


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