These three featured videos are results of a grueling, yet  fantastic first semester at Colorado Film School.

I worked on handful of great productions with passionate crews. It was refreshing being in a space where those around are as energetic as you are about making your script come to life. Looking ahead, my second semester will all be about film theory, film analysis and script structure.

I love writing, directing and editing my own short films, music videos, documentaries, photo story narratives and quirky viral videos. I have many ideas for short films and feature films I would love to collaborate with other film makers on. Feel free to reach out… let’s make a movie 🙂

Featured Video #1: “Sucker”

A silent film made for the 48 film festival with a mixture of Colorado Film School friends and Denver’s Art Institute friends. The rule require each production team to write, produce, shoot and edit their film within a weekend’s time. THUS the 48 hour part 🙂 Despite the lack of sleep it was a blast and I can not wait to participate again.

Read the full 48 Hour film festival blog HEREL  48 Hour Film Project Denver 2016

Featured Video #2: “Saturday”

  • Written, Directed and Edited by: Grant Worden
  • Music by: Grant Worden
  • Starring:
    • Asher Blind
    • Kat Blind
    • Eric Tausch

Special Thanks to the Denver Zoo 

 Featured Video #3: “You + Me = Catastrophe”

  • Directed by: Grant Worden
  • Written by: Collin Wedl & Grant Worden
  • Director of Photography: Austin Brose
  • Lead Editor: Austin Brose
  • Starring:
    • Collin Wedl
    • Michael Lindsly

Special Thanks to Executive Producer Nevelyn Black

Feature Video #4: “Second Hand Smoke”

  • Directed by: Austin Brose
  • Written by: Grant Worden
  • Director of Photography: Aaron Archuleta
  • 1st AD: Kat Blind
  • Starring
    • Lauren Minder
    • Collin Wedl

Special Thanks to Executive Producer – Nevelyn Black


Check out my Youtube channel to see more videos


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